H1B Approved Petition transfer related -


My H1B petition has been approved on Oct 13, 2016.

And currently i have active offer in some company.

What is the procedure to transfer the H1B petition & the hick ups you found in such cases, would you please advice.


The new employer needs to file a cap-exempt petition for you. They will need to include copy of previous approval notice and payslips (if you are already inside US).

I have not traveled to US yet, and in this situation i don’t have US salary slips also. What I have to do if my new employer is ready to transfer the petition?

Please advice thanks

If you have never been to US, then no payslips are required. They would need copy of the old approval notice in this case.

Hi Saurab,

I have one more question.

If my new employer would file H1-B Cap Exempt then will it take 15 business days processing time? because i read in some other posts answered by you that H1B Cap Exempt will go for premium processing and it would take 15 days and it will be expedited.

Is this is true.

If So - this case will include transfer of h1 + Amendment as well? and it will take 15 days, am I right

Note: My new employer has agreed for premium processing to file my h1B cap exempt.

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Happy Diwali to you and your family as well.

Yes, PP option is available and employer can avail this to get the decision within 15 calendar days. As always, if RFE is issued, then the process is stopped until RFE response has been submitted.