H1b approved petition but due for stamping


I have an approved h1b petition and due for stamping next month.
Ques is that what if any h1b rules change before I go for stamping like min wage to be 100k as my salary is below 100k. Will it impact my chances of getting stamped.
Please respond.

TIA. Regards.

AFAIK, it isn’t that much easy for US Govt to apply the rule. It has many stages & may take time (From Some months to years also). If your H1B is approved, you’ve to give interview based on that. All H1B docs were already been scrutinized since long so you don’t have to worry @ all.

Remember one thing: VO is there to give you the visa. Just be cool, get dressed well & crack interview. By the way, I have an appointment in Feb 1st week on H1B. :slight_smile:

Thanks Nishith for positive response! Wish you good luck for your interview. My interview is also first week of Feb.