H1B Approved Not Stamped Yet - Travelling on Valid F1-OPT Visa

Dear All,
My H1-B(I-129 petition) is approved, as COS , in this cycle and will be valid from 01-Oct-2021 .

My F1-visa & EAD is valid till next year (May-2023 & Jul-2022 respectively).

In this scenario, can I travel to India around July-August and return before 30 Sep 2021 ?

Is there any challenge in this and what all things should I be careful about ?

Can the CBP officer deny entry on F1-visa and ask to enter after Oct on stamped H1B Visa ?


Travel in current situation is not advisable unless it is emergency. In general, an F-1 student on post-completion OPT may travel outside the United States temporarily and be readmitted to resume F-1 status (with a valid F1 visa stamp and I-20) and employment for the remainder of the period authorized on his or her EAD card. The student must not have exceeded the maximum OPT unemployment or OPT STEM Extension unemployment time.
Carry your employment verification letter, last three paystubs and most updated I-20. Talk to your DSO before you decide to travel and take their advice with your scenario.

Your H1B status do not take effect till 1st October. I would enter at least few weeks before 1st October so that it validates the fact that you are completing your remaining time of OPT employment and still active on your F1 status.