H1B approved ..not stamped.. Transfer


I have a H1B visa approved petition from October 01, 2013. My visa is not stamped…as my current employer said he does not have any project now …

Can anyone transfer my VISA ?




U can go for Transfer or Cap-Exemption any time before 6 years from initial Approval... Find an Employer who can file a Transfer or  Cap-Exemption.. Better file in Premium Processing for a Quick Turnaround

you can get employer to transfer the H1-B still you might get into problem the moment you step in for Visa processing . Now days with out client letter nothing works in Visa processing . Even you provide they check calling the Company and verfying the details provided by you at the time of interview is true . you are in same boat of 50-50 % with new employer also. look for client and employer . this is my little knowledge .

what are the chances if new employer is client itself or lets say if new employer is well known company having strong employee base…

Good chances of approval in such a scenario.