H1B approved in consular processing - Stamping in chennai

I am currently in L1A and I94 valid till Feb 2014 from Employer A and got the H1B in consular processing for Employer B.

I797 B approval till Dec 2013.

Is there a way I can amend my approval notice for the change of status instead of going out of the US and getting stamped.Or is there a way to get stamping by going to costa Rica instead of chennai.(My I797B is stating Consulate chennai)

Also If I change my company to C what should I do since they are ready to offer a full time position.

Please suggest.

B can file for COS from L-1A to H-1. If approved, you don’t need to appear for stamping. Did B apply for COS or do you know the reason why it was denied?

C can also file for a cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) along w/ COS from L-1A to H-1. Again, once COS is approved, you can avoid stamping.

If you have to go for stamping, then there is a always a risk when you don’t go to your home country for first stamping. Consultates in neighboring countries do not encourage first time H-1 visa stampers especially if they have not done Masters in US.

Hi Saurabh,
Thanks for your reply.The employer B did apply for consular processing of my H1B based on my request earlier and it got approved and I have a approved petition till end of 2013.

Since it is a consular processing I am required to go and get the stamping and enter in to US.

Now my situation is that I can now go for the COS with B company itself.
But I am getting an offer from the company C

How to go about?

If I go for COS how much I the cost will incur since I need to bear the cost for the applying the COS.

Who do you want to work for - B or C? Based on that either B can file the COS, or C can file cap-exempt H-1 petition along w/ COS.

COS costs around $350.00 + attorney fees (if applicable).