H1b approved . finding job in USA with just copy of i797 document

Hi ,

I got my h1b approved last year applied through some consultant . but the consultant company is not able to find the job till now .

consultant company holds the i797 documents .

If i have to find the job myself which approach should i take .

If i get the i797 copy will that be sufficient to apply for job in USA.

consultant is telling he might be able to get the h1b visa stamping but cant guaranty on the job . in that case with h1b visa stamping how cani get the job

what process should i follow to find the other job in USA

  1. Get a copy of the approval notice from old employer. If you can’t get it then at least know the receipt number and take a print out of online status showing the petition as approved.

  2. Find a new employer and ask them to file cap-exempt petition for you

  3. Go for stamping through the new employer

  4. Enter US to work for the new employer

Thanks Saurabh