H1B Approved , entered us on opt status


I am a masters student and my H1B Approved on may 2012 which is effective from oct 2013. I went to india in July and came back in Aug under opt. Now the i-94 number on my h1b (I-797A) form is different from my new I-94. Do i need to update my new 1-94 with uscis. please let me know

As you left US after your H-1 approval and returned prior to Oct 1, your latest I-94 is the one issued along w/ H-1 approval.

Although H-1 I-94 was issued earlier, it was set to go into effect from Oct 1 which is a date later than your entry date in US on OPT. So you were on OPT since Oct 1 and should work and get paid accordingly.