H1b approved Cp,L1B extn in process.can i go to my home country for stamp


My L1B Extension was filed on 3rd September 2013,my i-94 and visa expired on 6th September 2013.Currently my L1b extension status is in Intial Review.My H1b was selected in lottery this year and it got approved last week.The H1b was filed as a consular processing. I have some questions related to my H1b stamping.My questions are as below

  1. Can I go for H1b stamping to my home country even if my L1B Extension is still in progress or do i need to wait for the L1b extension result


I got my H1B in the year 2007 and I have stayed for about 2 years i.e. 2007 t0 2009 in the states and  applied for extension. By the time I got my extension approval, I moved out of states and  I have stayed till 2012  outside the states. Again I went for stamping and traveled back to US in the year 2012. Kindly let me know after the second stamping will it considered as new H1B where I can stay for another 6 years.(Since 2007 - 2009 stayed in USA and from 2009 to 2012, I have stayed outside states)