H1B approved, can i switch the employeer

Hi All,

I have received my application approved, but my employeer is not giving me clear picture abt travelling. i am scared if the opportunity is scraped.

Please guide me can i shift employeer before even travel once to US.

yes, If you have a copy of your approval notice. Even if not there are other ways. Find an employer and transfer

i mean even before stamping i can switch it right?

Hi SnowWinter,

My current employer hold the approval notice, i am just having the acknowledgment no.
Kindly let me know if my current employer can cancel the petition now, if i go ahead and try to find another employer who can send me US.

ya he can cancel the petition anytime. But since you are not in US you can transfer without being out of status. even if your employer cancels your petition you would be eligible for cap exempt h1b transfer