H1B Approved but travelled to India during H1B RFE processing

Hi Experts,

Below is my current situation, Could you please help me ?

>. I entered US in November 2013 on H4 Visa.

>. A consultant filed H1B with COS in April 2014.

>. RFE received on June 5th.

>. I had to go to India all of sudden on Aug 27th (RFE still not responded to USCIS)

>. While I was in India, RFE was responded on Sep 2nd, 2014.

>. I returned to US on new H4 (as previous H4 was expired) on Oct 2nd and H1B approval was still not received.

>. H1B Approval received on Nov 4th. (Still did not receive papers, so i dont know if it has i94 attached to it or not.)


  1. Has it impacted my COS from H4 to H1 ?

  2. What are the best options ? COS or reentering US after H1B stamping, if Stamping which country do you prefer, Home or nearest country to US.

  3. If i94 is attached to i797, that means am i good to start working ?

  4. or If i94 is attached, shall i try my luck in SSN office by applying it ?

Your help will be greatly appreciated !!