H1B approved but not sure about CoS


I’m currently working on L1A and apllied H1B with COS in May-2012 at CSC. I travelled to my home country in July-12  and come back in Aug-2012. I got RFE (employer related queries) in Sept-12 and my emloyer submit the response inn Nov-12 along with my new i-94 (even if they didn’t asked in the RFE). My H1B approved on 13th Dec-2012 and still didn’t receive the hard copy for the same. I checked with my new employer, they says, they got soft copy about the approval which does not have any new i-94 copy and expecting the new i-94 along with hard copy.  Here are my concerns on the process….

	Its been almost 10 days and my employer didn’t receive any hard copy from USCIS. What would be the possible scenario..

	Ist that approval does not mention anything about CoS or CoS clause. According my employer, its approved for 1 year and in the USCIS website the status changed (on the same day when the approval happened) to Post Decision Activity.

	Is it my CoS impacted  as I travelled to India and comeback on new i-94 during the application process.

	In worest case, if the approval was without CoS, what is the possibility to apply the CoS immediately and start working on new the H1B during the CoS is in-progress.

Thanks in Advance!!!...

Releaved from little tensions …… got the Hardcopy with new i-94 starting from 14th Dec-2012. The India travel during the H1 with CoS process was not affected in this case….

Seems like responding RFE w/ new I-94 resulted in COS approval. Your employer/attorney did a smart thing here.