H1B approved but H4 extension pending

Hi Saurabh,

My H1B-visa was filed in June under premium processing and it got approved in June itself. My H4-visa was expiring on August 29 and we applied for an extension in July which is still pending. Now my employer says that only after my H4-extension is approved they can apply for H4 to H1 COS as my status was undermined from Aug 30 to Sep 30. But the thing is when my H1 was already approved while I was on valid H4. Why does my employer say I need to get H4-extension first. Pls let me know what needs to be done in this case. Is my H4 still showing “initial review” because they find I already have h1b-approval? Pls guide me on this, I am worried.

Thanks for your time.

We are already discussing this in the blog.