h1b approved and then status changed as still processing


My spouse is on H1b visa and I am on H4. His company ( a good one) applied for his H1b extension and my H4 extension in end of August 2015. He has approved I140 and normally gets his extension with no delay. This time we did not receive his extension till May 2016. Looking at the delay at vermont center he requested his company to file for premium processing for me and him because of rule of 240 days which is after expiration of validity if new h1b extension is not approved within 240 days then he and I will be out of status and would need to leave USA.

Company applied on april 29 th 2016. USCIS received it on May 2nd. On may 4th status update for old case of h1b extension which was filed on end of august 2015 was showing that case was approved. for h4 extension staus was also approved. In the afternoon case status changed for old h1b extension as ur case was received on may 4h and it is in process but h4 extension case still says approved.


  1. Is there any possibility of error on h1b extension case as first it says approved and then says case received and in process?

  2. we called USCIS and mine h4 extension is approved CS confirmed but can not talk about h1b extension case only attorney of company can call. Is it a good idea to request company attorney to call uscis?

  3. can we withdraw PP case if this is approved in normal processing?

  4. is it possible that old case got approved bec of new PP case?

  5. both cases h1b extension normal vs premium should have different receipt no.Can they update old case based on new pp application?

  6. what about approved h4 extension? Is it valid?

  7. is there any possibility of RFE for PP?( he never received RFE)

Situation is very consusing to us as we dont know any such scenario?

please advice.

Thank you very much.