h1b approved and NOIR

iam currently in h4 and my h1b got approved in aug2016 and i have not changed my status as i have not found a job or a project… but now my employer has got a NOIR and i wanted to know if the same is revoked , will my h1b be cap exempt with a new employer? can i find a new employer who can process my h1b under cap exempt and then i can start working?

NOIR had reasons that the petitioner never employed the beneficiary… as i was never in h1b status will i be cap exempt?

That’s a first. I haven’t come across NOIR being issued when the person has moved to non-H-1 status.

This can go either way. As USCIS has issued NOIR on their own, it may put you out of cap.

Does the employer plan to fight this NOIR or let it process?

I’m also in same situation … can i contact you??