H1b approved - 3 weeks Documents not received from USCIS


My H1b was approved on Oct. 16 converted to PP after RFE response. Current status is showing as a Decision. Yesterday I checked with my H1 employer/consultant and they are saying they have not received documents from USCIS. Its been 3 weeks since I have got an approval.

Now I have below questions,

	How long I should wait further?

	Do I have any option other than wait?

	I am not sure whether I can call USCIS or not?

	As my current status is showing as a Decision so does it mean they have not send the documents?

	Can I take a risk and take a interview date may be 2-3 weeks from now? Once my employer receive documents they have to send me (@India).

I appreciate your help in this regard. Thanks for looking at my query.



Same with me… Its been four weeks now!! :frowning:

it may take upto 1weeks to 60 days depends … i received in 14 days

You Do no have any other option rather than waiitng

You Contact your employer / Attorney

unless to receive teh hard copy of document do not take rsik to book u r slot for interview

Thanks Vishal for your reply :slight_smile: