H1B Approval letter from the company I didn't join


I came to US on L1-B visa in Mar-2012. Another Employer A sponsored H1B visa for me which was approved on Sep-25-2012. In between I got one more offer from Employer B and they applied for H1B transfer premiun processing and it was approved on Oct-13-2012. But I’m continuing with Employer A, and didnt join Employer B. Now my questions are:

  1. Do I need approved H1B letter from Employer B for any furture reference.

  2. My i-94 will be expired in 2013, do I need to have approved H1B letter from employer B as well for the extension.

  3. Right now I’m working for a consulting company, and I’m looking for full time job opportunities. Is there any risk assosiated with this?

Thanks in advance

If it is H1b transfer case then

  1. No you do not need anything if you did not join.

  2. same as 1.

  3. It should not cause any issue.