H1B approval chances after intial petition revoke ?

Hello Saurabh,


I was in US on L1B with Indian Giant(from Jan 2011 till June 2013),due to personal problems i travelled back to India.

Before travelling back I had applied for H1b through a consutlting company A and got H1B-petition approved in July 2013,approved till 2016. 

In August 2013 I had attended H1B-Visa interview at chennai consulate. I was issued 221g Blue slip and the consular officer kept my clinet letter and I797 copies and put my case under admin processing.


Later , consulate have sent query for my Clinet asking for some confidetntial letters of there tax statements and blah blah , my client informed to my emloyer saying they cannot provide those confidential letters within the stipulated time


My emloyer said he cannot force the client  to provide the docs and informed me that he will send a letter to USCIS asking for Petition revoke, as it might lead to visa denial.


Accordingly my emloyer sent a letter to USCIS in Sept 2013 to revoke my petition and it was revovked.


Below are my doubts, kindly request you to answer the same.


1)Now I have been interviewed  with another Company B( Based in Florida), they are interested.Do I come under the H1B cap-exempt if the new employer files on my behalf?


2) My Employer(consutlting company A) who filled my earlier H1b petiton is ready to re-file the petiton for the offer i am having in Florida now . belwo are my questions.


  what are my chances of getting H1b approved again taking into considerations that my H1b has been revoked earlier by the same Employer (consutlting company A) ?


3) The Indian IT company i am working currently is also applying H1b in April 2014 when cap opens and they have shared me nomination details as well.


Now my question is , should i wait till my Indian company applies H1b for me in April 2014 or Shall i ask my earlier employer(consutlting company A) to file cap exempt visa for the offer i am having in florida now, what are my chances of approval of H1b taking into considerations that my H1b has been revoked earlier in both the cases(Either through my Indian Employer or consutlting company A who filled my earlier H1b petiton ? )


Please advise.


Thank you,