H1B Applied (on RFE state)through new company and L1B filing by current company

Hi All

Please help me-

I have spent around 4 years in USA ( dec 2010- dec 2014), I came back to India in dec 2014

This year April 2015 one consulting company filed my H1B on consular case and luckily my H1B got picked up in lottery but currently my H1B case is in RFE status where as my consultant already responded the RFE questions

Now my current company is willing to file L1B for me

Can you please answer-

1.if H1B approved before filing L1B also my H1B VISA is stamped then can I go for L1B stamping through current company after H1B stamping done( as I am willing to stay with current company)

  1. if H1B is not get approved before L1B case filed , can I go for L1B stamping to consulate or this will create any legal issue as I my H1B case is in process



  1. You can appear for L-1 visa stamping. However, chances are that they will cancel H-1B visa stamp without prejudice when approving your H-1B

  2. No, it won’t create hassle for pending H-1B