H1B applied and lottery not over, in the mean time Can I change job?

Now I am working as Software Engineer in reputed company under OPT of F1 VISA and this company is applying for H1B now ie in April 2017, In the mean time I have received an offer from other company and they expressed that they can apply for H1B in April 2018 & also indicated to communicate acceptance of Offer within 4th of April and join before May 2017. Now, what shall I do? Shall I inform present company not to apply for H1B or shall I keep quite till 15.05.17 (Intend to submit resignation) Please please advise

I would suggest that you stick with your current company through the H1B process. And I honestly think, the new company that has offered have very little time to file your H1, as the LCA itself would take 7 days to get approved. LCA is needed by the new company to file your H1. Check about the LCA with your employer with offer, before saying anything at your current company.

Also, just that you know, both companies applying for you may not cause any major problems.