H1B Application Fee Refunds


My Employer was reluctant to go ahead with Premium Processing because of the extra overhead charges for premium processing which would be lost if the application did not go through. My Application, unfortunately, did not get selected in the lottery and was returned.

As per the info on most of the websites I have seen that USCIS rejects and returns the application packet and filing fees back when its not selected in Lottery. No one mentions anything about individual fees (premium and application fees.)

I would like to know whether USCIS refunds both Application fees and Premium Processing fees or just Application fees?

If both of the fees (Application and Premium Processing fees) are refunded, I may be able to convince the Employer to go ahead with Premium Processing for this year.

Incase when not selected in lottery, all the fees (application and premium fees) will be refunded with the original checks that were submitted by your employer.

They only encash the check when selected in the lottery (it is also one way to find out if you have been selected in the lottery and have not received a receipt notice yet).

Thanks Ramanan.
My appplication is currently being prepared and my Employer is ready to invest in premium processing.