H1B Application delay in sending


My H1b application was picked in 2020 quota, unfortunately because of the pandemic and postal delays in year 2020 my application was reached to USCIS on July-2-2020. USIS rejected my application since my package was not reached on time(June-30-2020). My employer reached out to USCIS there was no luck !! I would like to know is there way to appeal or place a request with the USCIS and consider the 2days of delay due to the pandemic. Any thoughts or suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks, YK

Per the policy of USCIS, if the petition is not submitted before the deadline noted in the Registration Selection notice, the registration selection will be void and the H-1B number will be allocated to a different beneficiary as part of a subsequent wait list lottery.

The only exception they made was for the applications they rejected due to start date after 1st Oct’2020.

USCIS Will Allow Resubmission of Certain FY 2021 H-1B Petitions Rejected or Closed Due to Start Date | USCIS.

There is nothing much you can do about your unfortunate circumstances except for reapplying next year as the registration for this year is closed already.