H1B and H4 Visa stamping (Spouse and Kids) at Hyderabad

I got my H1B and planning to go for stamping soon at Hyderabad along with spouse and kids (for their H4).

First, Do they need to have any approvals for H4 Visa? or Can I directly use my H1B approval documents?

Do I need to take my kids (13 years and 7 years) along with me for stamping? or do they get waiver?

My employer offered a direct employment. I am going to work at my employer’s office on a product, not at client’s office. What documents are required?

You all can appear together (child may be eligible for interview waiver) for the stamping. There is no separate approval for dependents. Pay fees for each individual, fill DS-160 form for each, schedule interview w/ family option, appear for biometrics and appear for stamping.

I forgot what the cut-off date for children is. You can search it online.

You will need 797, I-129 copy, LCA copy, employment letter, job duties description, passports, marriage certificate, wedding card/album. Check w/ employer what else did they submit to USCIS for the petition processing. How big is the employer?