H1B and H4 visa parallel processing for same candidate

Hello everyone and admins.
Ita great to see so many contributions here. I have a situation to discuss.

My wife already has H1B visa stamped and she is traveling in couple of months to US.

I am based in Bengaluru, India. I have H1B selected in lottery for FY2023. My wife’s employer is ready to sponsor H4 dependant visa for me. So can I get H4 processed while I am processing my H1B visa in parallel, both from India.

If not H4, can I visit US on B2 tourist visa while H1 is under process ?

Will it cause any problems for H1 process ?

You can go for H4 stamping based on your wife’s H1B, travel to the US and amend your H1B to do change of status from H4 to H1B.

Thanks for your response. The challenge here is my wife would be travelling to US in July. So as per my understanding, I need to file for H1B visa application before end of June. So I will not be able to file for an amendment from US.

So I was trying to explore options to enter US while my H1 is under process. Please suggest.