H1B and H4 Visa Dropbox appointment in India


We were trying hard to get a dropbox appointment for this summer and somehow last month we managed to get an appointment for July. While we were trying to make an appointment via the profile that i created for myself(H1-B) the allowed number of refreshes got exceeded and they locked my profile. So i went ahead and booked the appointment for both myself and my wife through my wife’s(H4) profile in https://cgifederal.secure.force.com portal.

But when we login now, we are seeing that the VISA category for both of us as H4 in the appointment History tab in my wife’s profile(I am expecting it to show H1B against my name and H4 against my wife’s name). Will it cause any issues during the appointment day or is this portal just to create appointments and everything goes by the DS160 only so that we don’t have to worry about what we see in this cgifederal.secure.force.com portal? Please note that we have everything filled correctly in DS160.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Kumar,

I booked the dropbox appointment and I am able to an appointment confirmation page. But in the appointment confirmation page I observed that the Appointment Made By showed a different name than me. I hope this will not affect my visa or dropbox appointment. Please assist on priority