H1B and H4 stampping @hyderabad

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  1. After 7 years i’m going back to INDIA trip and planning to go for VISA stamping in Hyderabad center(my home town) in October-2015 and my previous VISA stamping was in CHENNAI(In 2008) , Is there any specific care do i need to take?Sorry to ask this minor question but felt better to ask, Since it’s after long time going back and my worry is what kind of questions I might get triggered from VO?

  2. My spouse(H4) is not really good at english,and my kid -9yrs(H4) is fluent in english:),and we all planing to attend for VISA together, So is that ok if i can book slot for them with me in english?

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You will have no problems. Just apply together and you will be approved. It is a good idea to carry past 3 year US tax returns but even that will not be asked.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, www.chu.edu; sshankarATchu.edu

Thank you so much for the information and wishes Dr.sir.
Sure i will take tax return docs.