H1B Ammendment questions, travel

I have stamped H1B visa till July 2021.

I work for a company A, which is subsidiary of company B.

Both the companies are in different states.

Recently Parent Company B changed the name of Company A to Company X.

On my recent paystub, I see the employer name changed to X, and also the address has changed to the location of Company B.

I still work in the same location of Company A(now X).

Company A(now X) informed me that they will file for Ammendment.

  1. Do we need to file ammendment

  2. so is it ok to travel to India with current h1b stamping. do I have to wait till the ammendment is approved.

  3. Also can I travel to India during the ammendment is in process.


As long as there is no change in the work duties or location, no need to file for amendment with company name related changes. Yes, you can travel. Make sure you carry a letter that states tha name of the company changed and related documenation for the same. Also, when the company files for extension, they need to inform USCIS regarding the name change. Discuss with your attorney and carry all the relevant documents.

Thank you very much for replying. I really appreciate it.

Another quick couple of questions

  1. My physical location of work did not change, but the employer is running the paystub from different state…so the paystub says a different state. do we still apply for H1B Ammendment.

  2. In August my employer wants to move to different floor in the same building, so in this case do we have to file H1B Ammendment again.

Please let me know.


Your work location is what matters for working. If your company Payroll has changed, does not matter. Check with your attorney, it is your employers compliance.
No need, same location. different floor means nothing…as long as your work and duties does not change.