H1B Amendment possible if i-94 & Passport validity nearing to end(less than 5months) ??

I landed on Dec 2014 for US assignment in with H1B visa

My petition was approved. I-797B valid till - 05/12/2017 My H1B visa is valid till - 12/2016Although my Passport is valid till Feb - 2016 So, I got I-94 valid till Feb-2016Now, I am about to change my Project/Account , location etc . This will trigger H1B Amendment

My Question is: Can my amendment be filled with Passport & I-94 valid less than 5months?

yes, you will get a new I-797 and corresponding I-94. you can apply for passport renewal after that or you can opt for tatkal passport renewal which will cost a bit more but you will receive it within a week’s time