H1b Amendment plus extension rfe on maintenance of status

Hi All

I applied for h1b extension and amendment after i94 expiry and now i received rfe for maintenance of status, i also applied for h1b transfer before i94 expiry and it is still pending with uscis

Now my question is
Can we submit h1b transfer receipt notice for amendment and extension rfe as a respone saying that i maintained status?

Thanks in advance

if you have submitted anything after I-94 expiry, it is hard and they may or may not consider. You did not really have status, when your I-94 expired. You were in something called as Period of Authorized stay. Now, your best option is to pursue the transfer option as it was filed before expiry of I-94…
You should discuss with your attorney on these things as they are tricky situations.

Is there any chance of amendment plus extension approval in consular processing

Yes, it is very much possible that they approve the petition in consular processing…hard to say though…