H1B Amendment Pending - Go for Stamping ? Risks?


I am in India

I got 1st time petition approval this year for Employer A and client X but by the time approval came, my project had changed and now I am still working for Employer A but Client Y now. No stamping done yet.

My company says amendment is required and I can go for stamping with Receipt notice once amendment is filed. I have requested them for premium processing but they may not go with that.

How risky is it going for stamping with receipt notice while the amendment is still in progress?
and what are my other options.

Requesting your suggestions.


It is not recommended to travel with pending Amendment. The simple reason is that, if they choose to verify the Client, then you will be in soup as you are going for stamping with receipt notice…To avoid issues, I highly encourage that you get approval done and then go for stamping. You can discuss again and get premium processing done…