H1B Amendment Location/Client change Question


I am working for my consulting employer ABC located in Texas. I used to work for client X when my H1b was filed , the location on my LCA was my home address as i worked from Home.

Now I have changed my client from X to Y but still working from new home address that falls under same MSA (5miles away) that was filed under my approved LCA.

Do I need to file for an amendment ? The reason i am asking here is my employer attorney says we dont need to since my location MSA is not changing and neither of any other material change but i am concerned because the client name is changing even though the location is same.

Please help!

So basically you are saying you don’t trust what your attorney is saying?

In your case, your attorney is correct. You don’t need H1B amendment if your are changing client in the same MSA/PMSA. You can simply post your existing LCA at your new location of work for 10 days and dont need to file any H1B amendment.