H1B amendment for new location

Hi All, i am in a process of applying h1b amendment due to client location change.

Can i move to new location and not start working before petition is filed? LCA will be done by that time

You are free to move around, find house, but you cannot work in that location, until the amendment is approved. Discuss with your attorney.

Hi Kumar,
my friend’s H1B amendment approved with reduced visa. Earlier validity was till 09/01/2020, now they approved for 12/31/2019. Can he apply for re-amendment for upcoming period since he is getting extension with the same client/location.
or does he need H1b extension? He is left with 2 years out of 6 years H1 stay.

Please advise.

Well, it is better to go for extension, rather than amendment…Discuss with attorney and then make an informed decision.