H1b Amendment Denied after RFE - I-140 Approved - Transfer options

My H1b amendment was denied after responding to the RFE received. I was asked to leave immediately as my i94 was expired. I have got my i140. I’m leaving to India soon. My current employer(A) is saying that he would file for new h1b.

My questions are,

Can I find a new employer(B) and get a new petition filed?

Is there any benefit to ask the same employer(A) to file a new petition as they had my I140 ? Or it doesn’t matter because employer(A/B) anyway has to file a new petition and go through the I140 process again.

Someone please let me know.

Yes, they can file for H1B using approved I-140. No restriction that you need to be with employer A.
It does not matter…you should worry about getting back to US with whoever you can. So, look for someone who can help you get H1B and support you with stamping to re-enter US.