H1B Amendment -Can a new transfer be filed when amendment is in progress

Dear Saurabh,

My H1B is valid till 2014 with an LCA from Location 1. My house is also located in Location 1 and currently my house address is shown in my Pay slip.

My employer has asked me to travel to a different client location and I am traveling on a weekly basis. My house location has not changed. My employer has filed an LCA for the based on the employer location and waiting to file my amendment.

Is my amendment necessary as I have not relocated yet?

Can I do a H1 transfer to a different employer without filing the amendment for my previous employer?

Will it cause any problem in the new H1 transfer?

Also, let me know, if my H1 amendment with previous employer is in progress, can I still file for my H1 transfer with my new employer?


Rajesh Rao

You just have to get a new LCA, you dont have to amend if job duties have not changed. You can always get a new Employer to file H1btransfer.