H1B amendment and Visa stamping

My H1B got approved and visa stamping not done. Currently my customer (A) is not having requirement and i am planning for H1B amendment for Customer (B). Let us assume that H1B amendment is approved for customer (B).

  1. Can i go for visa stamping for Customer (A) if customer A has requirement? or
  2. Should I go for visa stamping only with Customer B?
  1. No, in general, you cannot.
  2. Yes, you should only go with B.
    The reason is simple, USCIS can inquire about your status and job at customer, if they give 221g. Secondly, if you filed amendment, then it is assumed that you are going to be working on that…

on certain cases, You maybe able to use A approval and you need to work with your attorney to validate that option availability only they can tell.

Thanks Kumar for your response.