H1B Amendment and LCA change before first visit to US

Hi All,

My H1B was filed and got approved and stamped in DEC 2015 for the location A. But before I could travel i have been asked to move to a different location B for the same client. Now, The H1B Amendment process has been initiated for the new location B.

1.How long will it take for this process to complete and will i have to reappear for stamping?

2.Is it possible to go to the new location and start working while the Amendment is in progress?

Please help.

  1. It may take 4-5 months. No new stamping is required

  2. I have read mixed opinions about this. There are folks who file amendment while working in US and then leave US only to return while it is still pending. Your case is little different as you haven’t travelled to US yet. I would defer the question to your attorney.

I think there is premium processing option available if the travel needs to happen soon.

Thank you so much Saurabh. Can you please let me know if is it possible for me to travel to location A while the amendment for location B is in progress.

Yes, you can work at location A while amendment is in progress. Once amendment is approved, you cannot work at A and have to work at B.