H1B Amendment - 180+ days no update

Hello folks,this is great community and appreciate everyone’s responses!I have h1 amendment that was submitted by employer for location change - USCIS received it on 9/19/2017, with regular processing its with Vermont center. I am in EVC model.Is been 6 months now and still in case received status, Per history it says usually it takes 4-5 months.

I have travel plans in Mid April to India where I have to get stamping as well.1. Should I just wait and hope I get approval in next few days/weeks(since its already been 6 months)?

  1. Should I convert to premium? (I heard lot of premiums are getting RFEs too)

  2. Can I travel to India with H1B amendment in progress? If I do would USCIS forfeit application? If not I can wait there for approval and get visa stamped correct?

Any suggestions per your knowledge of cases you may have seen?

Thank you!