H1B amended approval after wrong receipt

My H1B application was approved last year Sept/2012. However on 3/1/2013. I realized that the USCIS had given me a wrong receipt. They gave me "Consular processing " instead of 'Change of Status ". I notified the lawyers in my company and they notified immediately the USCIS about their mistake. The USCIS said they would issue an amended approval. The last time we heard from them was on 3/29/2013 that the case was handed to a supervisor. My lawyers told me it was sent in a premium service. How long does it take? Thanks

The original petition was filed in PP and not the amendment, correct?

That PP service features ended w/ the original approval. The amendment itself wasn’t filed in PP and so will be processed in 2-3 months.

Thanks @Saurabh,
I am not sure if they did the amendment in PP. But if they did it in PP, would it take that long? I heard PP is now taking long time too.

If the amendment was not in PP, then it can take 2-3 months to process. PP petitions are processed within 15 calendar days as that’s the SLA for USCIS.

I see. But is there a way to get the corrected receipt from the USCIS without filing an amendment application?

Filing amendment is the way to get the corrected petition from USCIS.