H1b Adjudication timeline for visa extension

Hi, my husband’s consultant’s firm immigration attorney had said that the H1b visa extension adjudication timeline of 240 day limit has been waived and is no longer applicable. As of Aug 31 2016, USCIS is processing H1b extension cases from Oct 5 2015. Due to this current situation, we were informed last Friday by my husband’s consultant’s firm immigration attorney that the 240 day timeline past visa expiry is no longer applicable and petitioner can continue to stay legally in the USA until the petition is adjudicated, even if this means past the 240 day visa expiry timeline is met. We’ve not heard this news anywhere and so wanted to check if this is a genuine advice or not. Can someone please clarify this for us ?

My husband’s petition was filed on March 2016 and his H1b visa is expiring on June 30 2016 and the 240 day USCIS timeline ends as of Feb 2017.

On the contrary what I have read is that employers should submit a SR once 210 days have elapsed since I-94 has expired. USCIS would probably look at such petitions first so that 240 day timeline is not violated.

We applied this inquiry and USCIS responded saying "Our records show your I-129 is currently with an adjudications officer, pending adjudication. Due to our current workload priorities and case backlog, we regret that we are unable to provide a specific completion date at this time. "