H1B about to Expire - Can I apply H1B NSC - If not Travelled

Please advice!

I have H1B Visa stamped and valid till Dec 31 2015. However, currently my employer could not find any position in US, So I cannot travel immediately.

Can I apply from H1B NSC and by when the latest I can apply for the same. Please note I have not travelled using my current visa - whether it will be a problem in applying for H1B NSC and what I need to do

Another employer can file cap-exempt petition for you within 6 years of original approval date.

Saurabh, Many thanks for your prompt response. Actually, my current employer is ready to apply H1B NSC for me again. Can they initiate it - Will there be any problem in getting approval from USCIS - since I didn’t travel using my current visa.

hay even i have the same question… Even i want to know if we can file a new petition (As we canto extend without travelling) even before it expires

Even the same employer can file the cap-exempt petition for you.