H1B 6yrs limit calculation - time starts from you enter in US or consolidated time spent in US


Here is my case. I have H1B approved petition Oct 2011 from company A. Came to USA and started working from Nov 2011. Later I moved comany B with petition transfer and worked there until Nov2012 (total 1yrs from the date of entry to USA).

Meanwhile I see company B revoked it’s sponsorship for my H1B petition and Company A did not informed anything to USCIS regarding me.

My questions:

  1. Is it legal for applying extention for H1b petition (though company B revoked)?

  2. How my 6yrs quota calculated ?from the day I enter in US (3yrs 2 months starting from Nov 2011) or consolidated time that I spent in US (1 yrs)?

  3. As I spent more than one year stating from Nov 2012 outside US, will there be any negetive impact while approving H1b extension?



Just to add my comment here in case if it is not clear above… I moved back to US after completion of 1yr.