H1B 221g passport status No update on PPT # submitted?


Till last week my passport was showing status as ‘Delivered to Post’ but since 2 days shows as 'No update available on passport # submitted I have emailed to VFS on this. Does it indicate anything going wrong with my PPT?
Visa still shows as Admin processing - 221g White got updated twice from original date.


Based on 1st status, it looks like they have returned the passport.

The other status message turns up when they no longer hold the passport.

I don’t know how quickly it should change from 1 to 2. VFS may be able to provide a more accurate answer.


Saurabh, Thanks for your response. I checked CEAC website today and it showed as “ISSUED”. Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than 10 working days, please see the webpage for contact information of the embassy or consulate where you submitted your application. Any idea after getting PPT after how many days should I leave?


You can leave anytime after getting the visa as long as the visa expiration date has not passed. There is no wait-time.


Ok I am trying to find a project first and then initiate H1 transfer with new employer. The only catch is I have pay stubs till March. I am planning to take a letter from previous employer that I am on vacation(they thought I will leave for good and concluded that I resigned). Also,Any idea if Client letter is mandatory for H1 transfer?


You need payslips (for the purpose of H-1 transfer) only until the period you were inside US on H-1. Once you leave US, it doesn’t matter whether you are getting paid or not.


As you said visa was in status “Admin Processing” when passport tracking says -“No Update”. Can you pls let us know what was last update date in Visa Status…Was it same date when passport was not traceable or any old date? Pls let me know it will help in understanding my status…For me Visa status “Admin Processing; Last Update - Today” and Passport - “No Update”…