H1B 221G Green Slip New DELHI issued - Passport kept with VO

Hi Saurabh,

This forum has been a good one. Recently i had an interview on 23rd of August for H1B (New) at new Delhi. I was asked a few questions and at the end the VO said that she needs additional docs to process the visa and said to submit (Client Letter, Notarized list of emploees, W2 Pay stubs). She kept my passport and all other docs i submitted her.

I basically will work for Company A and he has saveral clients that gave works for him. The project will be done for Client A and the responsibility of the project will be of Company A and that has been given by the client.

I submitted the Notarized list of employees, W2 Pay stubs, Contract between Company A and Client A and a letter from the client which states Company A has all the rights to recruit and provide services, Project document that i will be working on. I submitted them on september 4th. Will the docs submitted be enough ? If so what will be a generic waiting time. Please let me know.



Please let me know how long will it took for you to get your passport back from the consulate?

I gave my interview today and was not issued anycoloured slips, however the VO informed that they need to review all the documents for a while…

hi Sandeep,

I also had my h4 interview in august at new delhi and I submitted the documents after 1 week.Its been 4.5 months and i have not heard from the embassy since then.Please let me know if you got the visa.