H1b- 221G - Client Terminated - Client verification

Hi Saurabh / 221g experienced Friends,

Please guide me.

Visa interview in Feb 2012 in Chennai Consulate …Got 221g as a gift, asked me to submit employer documents. after 4 months… June 2nd week asked me to submit some more documents (client letter, client contract with the employer etc. ). I have the client letter but its of the month Jan 2012. There is a situation – i am on EC … my client couldn’t wait that long and he already terminated the contract long back…

Now what should I do in this scenario , should I submit the letter ? Does US consulate contacts the end client to verify or they just look at the letter?

Seniors please help me.


13 views …no reply… Guys please help me…

I can understand your frustration. Honestly, I do not know the right answer. They could contact the client, we do not know.

Does the letter say valid from Jan 2012 to July or some other current or future month ?  If so, then it could be fine. 


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Hi venkat ,

Could you please let me know the status of your case, what happened with the 221(g) Admin processing.

I am in similar situation. Could you please help.

Hi venkat,

Could you please update the status ASAP.

Appreciate it. Thanks