H1B 221g Case. Am I eligible for petition amendment

Hi all,
My employer had initiated H1B for me from Client 1 on 2014 and my Petition was approved & valid till September 30,2015.

I went for PA on Jan 15 and got 221g form. asking to submit client letter and contract. Client1 won’t give those documents.

My employer is ready for petition amendment for Client 2 in another location.
So, I have following queries.

  1. Can we go for petition amendment when initial petition is under 221g processing?
  2. Is it possible to do petition amendment from same employer for a different client?
  3. My current petition will expire on Sep 30,2015 .The new petition which is going to raise for client2 will also have same expiry date,once approved?
  4. How long it will take for petition amendment?

Pls advice


The best and clean work around would be to file a new petition with the updated LCA. This can give you an updated validity period for up to 3 years validity.

Does this mean going for an amendment to get a new amended petition? Is that what your saying?

No. Ignore the amendment and file a new petition.