H1B 221(g) white slip but passport kept with them

HI I attended H1B visa interview at Hyderabad office, VO officer issued 221(g) white slip but nothing checked in form and they have not ask any documents to send. They kept my passport with them and they asked LCA document copy along with i have given Client Letter and Service Agreement made between my petitioner and client. They returned my I797B form back along with 221(g) white slip. What is predictable scenarios for this case. Please share your answers experience. Thanks you.

Hi , can you please provide an update of your status .

Hi Hari, My Visa got approved in Feb 11 2017. I came to US and Now I completed 6 months in US. That time Immigration called to my employer and asked for more documents and they came to physical company location and checked everything finally after 40 days they approved visa and got 3 years stamping.have be hope and continue your future plans and dont completely depend on h1b . Its always kind of luck.

Congrats Meera,

Thanks for the quick response.

Do you remember if VO has written anything on 221(g) or checked one of the boxes except case number?

My slip just contains case number without any tick marked on the checked boxes…

I already posted “VO officer issued 221(g) white slip but nothing checked in form and they have not ask any documents to send”. Nothing they checked. It will goes to Administrative Process. I got call from Visa Office after week asking about project details and they wanted project detail denouements. After call I got an email says that they needed some required documents. What ever the email I got I just sent to my employer. They submitted docs and Immigration team came to Office and then checked everything. After 40 days my visa stamping completed successfully. I checked the passport status then it says that ready for pickup. Finally I pickup my passport and saw the stamping.

Check your passport status


Check your DS160 as well


Check if you get any email … you may get call also if they needed anything. Some time they simply give the 221g without check or nothing written in the slip. So you may get call or email. If not then check your passport status. If they kept passport with them then it would be good sign.

Hi Meer/Hari,

I have been given the same white slip with no documents asked and its been 3 weeks since the interview, it still shows administrative processing. Can you guys let me know what is the most probable way the consulate would reach you after making a decision and also what is the time line i am looking at ? The passport was taken by the VO after the interview but was returned immediately after 2 days. I thought i must have gotten the visa since they took the passport. I see that you have indicated that it is a bad sign to have the passport returned, can you please give me more insight on it if possible. Appreciate your help!



Hi not sure about time lines. It is from weeks to months but after 60 days you may find some status change.
It was strange that they returned passport after two days. Have you checked in the passport or other documents along with passport.
My scenario I got call and email after one week. They verified everything from my employer side, finally after 39 day’s I got stamped.
Please be hope on it and little panic situation but we can’t do anything. Check status once in a while and check your emails. Follow up your pettitioner on the same.