H1B 221 G Passport submission


I have received an email from Hyderabad embassy for submission of my passport with a copy of email, and 221g courier submission letter. I have not got any slips.

What does it mean? Did my visa got approved or rejected

Asking for passport is a good sign. If you didn’t receive any 221g, then reply back or call them and ask them about it.

Thanks Saurabh.

This is the email I received:
This is in reference to your visa application. Please submit your passport at the VAC or VFS office at the earliest for further processing of your case.

As your application has been refused under section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and you are requested to submit your passport, please log in to UStraveldocs, download the 221(g) courier submission letter and submit it along with the 221(g) refusal sheet and a copy of this email at any one of the 5 VAC or 6 VFS offices. To locate the 5 VAC and 6 VFS offices closest to you, please check UStraveldocs. There will be no fee charged for this service.

You can respond back with all the asked documents. Did the email contain any reference#?

You can also include a letter stating that no 221g letter was issued at consulate, and so you cannot include the same.

There was no reference# mentioned in the email.

Can you tell me if your Visa got approved? How long did it take for the consulate to return your passport?