H1B 221(g) - Not able to check status

Hey Saurabh

I got an email from [US](mailto:support@ustraveldocs.com) Travedocs (Subject: Your Case Case-2013-XX-XX-XXXXXXXXX Has Been Closed).

Mail: Your case has been updated, please log back into your account to view the details. Your Application is pending the submission of your passport and I have to submit my passport to nearest OFC.

Ques: -

1.)        I’m not able to check status on CEAC site. Could you please share the case number format. I’m getting invalid case number if m passing 2013-XX-XX-XXXXXXXXX as case number.

2.)        What should I interpret from this email - VISA issued or Admin Processing has been closed for awhile (till the time I submit passport)?

  1. Sorry, I don’t know the format.

  2. They usually ask for the passport when they are ready to issue the visa. So it’s a step in the right direction.

Thanks Saurabh

Yesterday, I got passport and stamped VISA.

Generally, we will get these kind of e-mails when we send mail to traveldocs. When we contact to them(Embassy) they are treating it as a case & case ID will be provided via e-mail in few seconds.So, once they provided response to you then they closed the particular case. This case id is not related to your visa case ID. however, you can track your case just provide you case in following format - 20130XX XXX 000X.
I hope I answered your question.Where & what is your visa type?
I also waiting since more than 8 months now attended Interview at Delhi.