H1B 221( g) - issued in New Delhi, 8 months now no progress on case .

I have been meaning to ask this for qute sometime now.

I was interviewed on Oct 11 for my H1B petition and the VO gave me a white slip check the info she wanted from my employer. Its been almost over six months and my case is still under admin processing. Anyone who is in similar situation as mine may please respond back with the details of the updates they have received from consulate.

I had received updates from the consulate at regular intervals and i/my employer and client did do the needful for the same.

But seems they take forever to resolve 221(g) cases. Worse their sites are not updated and so is their auto responding mail system. I am really frustrated.

  1. Does anyone know if they take over a year to reslove 221(g) cases ?

  2. Anyone who has recieved 221(g) around same time as mine?

  3. If someone has got the 221(g) resolved for them , please respond to the question with the time they took to resolve their case.

Response for 3 is much appreciated .