H1B 2021 case pending result with weird case updates

My H1b 2021 petition status over the last few months:
Center: Vermont

5/20/20 - Case was received
09/10/2020 - Case was approved
09/10/2020 - Case was reopened for reconsideration
09/11/2020 - intent to revoke the previous approval decision
09/12/2020 - reopened your Form I-129,
11/09/2020 - Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received (The RFE I never received)

My attorney has received the notice about the reopened case status (09/12/2020) and never received the approval notice. For RFE the status shows it received the RFE response which I never received in the first place and we never sent any response to RFE.

Could anyone explain what could be happening here?
Also, should I expect to get a concrete result before next year’s H1b filling date or the petition went into limbo? And also what are the viable options?

I am on STEM opt and it is expiring in July 2021

Well, the online status can be very misleading.
One of the best solutions for this is to upgrade it to premium processing to get a result. This way you will have a closure before next season and file new one, if needed. Your attorney should take care of these.

Hi Kumar,
Thanks for answering. I upgraded my petition to Premium processing on 12th Jan but still, it is in pending status. Don’t know when it is going to be processed.

Meanwhile, I just got to know from my university my status has been changed to h1b from f1. I checked the sevp portal and it says stem inactive since 10/1/2020.

In this case am I still eligible to work or I am out of status. Also, what are the options I have?