H1B 2020 Receipt number online status error & other confusion

Hi I’m under STEM OPT EAD, have a couple of questions

  1. I received my H1B 2020 receipt number but when I check on USCIS it says error. But my receipt number starts with "WAC " even I didn’t get any SEVIS change from my school.
  2. what does Received date & Notice Date mean in I-797C?
  3. I’m at Company A from 15 months (FTE), I’m getting other (FTE) offers from Top 10 companies, can I make a move to those companies immediately, will these companies accept me with I-797C(pending) or Transfer (once approved) or should I be with Company A till October end.

kindly clarify I’m relying on you for real information. Thanks a lot in Advance

  1. USCIS online error is a common thing, dont worry about it.
  2. Basically, they mean when the petition was received by them in mail is tagged as received Date and the Notice date is what is when the notice was generated by the system for you.
  3. It is suggested to work on H1B for few days, ideally get a pay slip and then transfer. Lately, USICS has been questioning that the candidate never had H1B status, so highly recommend to wait for approval and then transfer.